SEWE to Seaweed

By Caroline Smith

ImageThe lowcountry air has been very humid, making the days that much colder this winter. Keeping everything in perspective, our winter days in Charleston are nothing compared to some fish lover regions of this country. That said, anything below 50 degrees with wind will bite, and it has been biting as much as the fish.

February marks one of the most exciting times for Charleston county as the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) brings much attention to our outdoor culture, from artwork to zoology. The expo simply paints the picture of our southern deviance towards nature. And, although it was cold, wet, and windy… the crowd was abundant and anticipation of spring was in the air. 

Having SEWE pass us by in a fury, the saltwater is on the brain… especially while working a day job with a blue sky above. It’s all worth while because the 20th of march is coming fast (first day of Spring) and flinging those hooks in the water is not too far off. 

So what are you doing with your Spring break? I’m personally awaiting the Belize waters with a trip to Belize River Lodge in April. Here I come seaweed! Ready to strip my fly through you to catch that big gun. 

Want to follow the fishing crowd of Charleston? Follow @fishchas on Tiwtter. 

Frosted By Caroline Smith

Yes, my cereal flakes may have been frosted this morning, but I am referring to the deck of the boat as we took off before sunrise. My anticipation of a windy and cold day fishing prepared me with many layers of clothing. Fortunately, we approached a spot early enough to get on the casting platform. I had a few bites, and failed to set the hook on one. As I continued, the fish must have lost their appetite with the coldness as I lost my feel with each cast. 

Doug Roland, editor in chief of this blog, drove all the way from Augusta to fish with us this morning. As I lost all my feel, I put the rod in his hands to take over. I paced around the console to find some kind of circulation in my feet, but it was a lost cause. John (Irwin) knew I was hurting and asked if I wanted to be dropped off at the dock. I didn’t want to complain, and I had a feeling I would want to… so I gave him a wink and a nod. They continued without me.

So, a big thanks to Doug for trying to film me on some fish, but I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t be able to catch a fish with my mind frosted over by the cold weather. Too bad it was sunny, clear skinny water, and fish all around. 

Next time we go, look out for a video. But until then… I’m getting warm. 

Have a great week, y’all!


Caroline Smith

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